Xbox One Deals with Gold Revealed, Major Ubisoft Titles Discounted

Xbox One Deals with Gold Revealed Ubisoft Titles Discounted

Microsoft has officially revealed the Xbox One Deals with Gold for the second week of February and players who were looking for something new to play this week will have plenty of choices to pick from.

The Deals with Gold obviously requires an active Xbox Live Gold Membership in order to get the discounted pricing while some titles which are part of Spotlight sale can be purchased even if you are not a member.

The official announcement listing all the top titles which are part of the discounted sale has been listed on the Major Nelson blog and this should be a great week for Xbox One gamers. The Deals with Gold also includes a massive Ubisoft sale which brings all the most popular and AAA titles with amazing discounts which include their latest launch, Assassin’s Creed Origins for just $40.

Xbox One Deals with Gold Revealed, Major Ubisoft Titles Discounted

While Origins might get bigger discounts a couple of months later, you can buy it for $40 which is the cheapest it could be for a newly launched title. The Xbox One sale also includes many Ubisoft games like Steep for $20, The Division for just $15, Watch Dogs 2 at $18. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a great choice especially if you love open world military adventure which is now available for $24 and the tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege which offers great multiplayer experience sells for $25.

Considering the price point for these games and the long hours of gameplay that they could offer, it is a good time for Ubisoft game fans as well as gamers, in general, to make the most out of this sale. Apart from the huge list which also includes Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal and all Assassin’s Creed games released so far including Chronicles.

Xbox One Deals with Gold Revealed

Xbox One gamers can choose to go with other titles like the Sims 4 for $30 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for $24, a game that is a must-try for all anime fans. Many of the Xbox 360 titles are very cheap and as they would work on the new console as well with backwards compatibility mode, you can buy them all without burning a hole in your wallet. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is now up for $8, Rayman Origins is at $4.50 and Beyond Good & Evil HD costs just $3.30 making it a no-brainer purchase. The only catch is that you might require Xbox Live Gold membership in order to get some of these deals while others are open for all.

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