Xbox One Gets Background Music Support On August 2nd

Xbox One

Background music support is a huge deal for gamers who spend playing open world titles or mindless platformers.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console after a long wait will receive the feature on August 2nd.

The company officially announced it much to the delight of Xbox One owners. It has been nearly two and half years since the console launched. Before the official launch, the team announced that with the next generation hardware players will be able to pick music of their choice and let it run in the background while playing their favorite games. It is supposed to be a simple but a most wanted feature among gamers. They have been constantly pestering the company and its developers to roll it out.

It was indeed a long wait but we are glad that it has come to an end. The Windows 10 Anniversary update is to be released on August 2nd as part of which background music support for Xbox One will be launched. There is still no explanation on how music could be played or integrated into a game. Most users have a playlist and music library of their own. We assume that it would probably be done using a USB drive, hard disk and other media. However, Microsoft may or may not allow people to use Spotify as their music player.

Xbox One Background Music

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service at the moment with users around the globe. With millions of subscribers, the service has become a standalone company. It doesn’t have any association with Microsoft so far which might be a hindrance when allowing gamers to enjoy music from the platform.

We cannot confirm these details unless the developer chooses to detail them for us. The background music support for Xbox One console was announced at E3 launch event. While Microsoft has significantly delayed the launch of this important feature, Sony has background music support on their Playstation 4 console for a long time now. They ensured that their customers are happy.

Microsoft on the other hand has been focusing on developing and launching the new Xbox Scorpio console. It is supposed to allow gamers to enjoy full 4K gaming at best frame rates unlike the PS4 Neo which supports only 4K videos. Sony is yet to make an official announcement after which we can compare both consoles to determine the best out of the lot. Both next gen consoles are rumored to arrive in the holiday season next year.

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