Xbox One Players Allowed Free Fallout 4 Downloads Due To An Error

Xbox One

Bugs and issues often take place on specific stores. Be it the Playstation store for the PS4 console or the Xbox One store, there’s no stopping it. Fallout 4 was free to download for some time before Bethesda found the mistake and rectified it.

The error existed for a very short period and when we managed to go to the store, the bug was already fixed. Fallout 4 is one of the most popular titles and a successful venture for Bethesda. It got released after years of waiting and was totally worth it. The apocalyptic open world shooter is a survival game where the objective is to scrap and use every item available in the city. There is a group of rebels who fight for survival while a bigger conspiracy takes place in the back end.

Fallout 4 continues to expand further with newer DLCs and Bethesda continues to support the game as they have always done for titles like the Elder Scrolls. The base game was priced at zero dollars today much to the surprise of many. It was not just the original title but expansion packs including Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and the even Far Harbor which was launched a couple of days ago was also free. A couple of players would have managed to download it if they were curious enough to browse the store at the moment.

Xbox One Players

Bethesda’s marketing Vice President Peter Hines came to Twitter to answer questions and complaints. When media questioned as to how such a thing took place, he commented that they have no idea how the game was suddenly priced for zero dollars. It was a bug, he added. The VP said that the team took immediate action and fixed it without any delay. It could affect huge sales and revenue if the bug continued to exist for a couple more hours.

Microsoft is equally responsible for the issue as the company has direct control over their digital store. They didn’t comment on the issue so far but a detailed press release is expected from the company. Bethesda is working on improving mod support for the game so as to increase its longevity and allow more developers to come on board. Almost every other title from the developer were populated by mods which kept them relevant for more than a decade. A similar approach is being used to keep the Fallout 4 community active for a long time to come.

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