Xbox One S Discount Brings it to $279, The Cave and Deathtrap Added to Games with Gold

Xbox Games with Gold

Microsoft has announced a brand New Year deal for the Xbox One S bundle in its official store.

The console starts at $279 now and two new games are added to the Games with Gold bundle.

Xbox Games with Gold

The end of the year witnessed some of the most amazing deals of all time, not only on consoles but on games and accessories as well. Xbox One S is easily one of the most discounted this generation that allowed Microsoft to gain a winning edge over its competitors. There are so many bundles to choose from but the cheapest of them all is just $279 with a 20% discount code in the Microsoft store.

You can choose from a wide range of bundles at this price tag. The store has the Xbox One S Minecraft bundle with a 500GB hard drive, Battlefield 1 special edition, Battlefield 1 bundle, Gears of War 4 Special Edition bundle, Halo Collection and the FIFA 17 bundle. All these items are priced at $299 and when you apply the special New Year code, the overall pricing comes down to just $279 making gaming more affordable than ever. Out of the lot, the Halo Collection is marked as sold out but the company may restock it real soon.

For players who need additional hard disk space and planning to go for 1TB or 2TB consoles, the overall cost will increase. But, it is a wise investment to make as you have so many games that are easily 50GB or more these days. In order to keep multiple titles installed and ready to play, additional hard disk space is always welcome. Madden NFL 17 bundle, Gears of War 4 Xbox One S 1TB console, Halo Collection 1TB, Gears of War 4 Limited Edition 2TB are all available. The Xbox One S 2TB collection priced at $399 is a vanilla pack for those who want their console to look all-white with no game specific logos or modifications done.

Battlefield 1

Deals with Gold already include a couple of Xbox One games like the Outlast and Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition along with Rayman Origins. The newest additions are the Cave (Xbox 360) and World of Van Helsing Deathtrap (Xbox One). Both these games were made for the Xbox 360 console and should seamlessly run on this now ageing machine. If you own a Xbox One S console or any of the old consoles, it is important to sign up for gold membership to access multiplayer titles and also get free games every month. 2017 might witness some great launches and best games from last year will make its way to the monthly freebies this January.

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