Xbox One Scorpio Won’t Be More Than $600, Phil Spencer Confirmed

Xbox One Scorpio Not More Than $600

Gaming in 4K resolution is never an easy call and in order to do so, the Xbox Scorpio console needs to have expensive hardware in it.

Speaking about the upcoming device, Xbox division head Phil Spencer confirmed that the new Scorpio is going to be priced as any premium console would be and will not go any higher than what we have seen in previous history. While Spencer didn’t explicitly define the pricing for the next gen hardware, it is easy to say that the Playstation 3 released in 2007 was the most expensive one priced at $600.

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Based on his comments, it is possible to deduce that the Xbox Scorpio will be priced at $600 or less. Phil Spencer stressed on the word that it will be priced like any other console people have seen so far and added that because of its increased capabilities, the machine will fall in the premium category.

“We designed the Scorpio and the Xbox One S consoles at the same time. While designing it, it was evident to the team that the price performance ratio should be maintained for the console. Maintaining a price continuum was important as people shouldn’t feel disconnected because of the massive price variation. A premium product, a premium console is what we have built,” clarified Spencer.

He added that they haven’t created some new machine but a console that has a price tag which is not beyond anything gamers have seen in the past. From his interview, it was evident that the Scorpio is not going to be some easy to buy $400 or less console as PS4, Xbox One was at launch date. Besides, the company has also planned to release games on both the older generation and the new Xbox Scorpio for a long time to come.

Xbox One Scorpio Not More Than $600

This ensures that they don’t alienate their gamers and continue to deliver titles on both consoles with varied graphical settings. PC gamers might find the scenario familiar as there are always different hardware available and one can choose to play the game anyway they want. It could either be an expensive gaming PC or an entry level with the settings lowered down.

Consoles are rapidly moving into such a scenario, similar to PC gaming. Sony now has PS4, PS4 Pro and the Slim while Xbox One, Xbox One S will be followed by Scorpio in a year’s time. Microsoft and Sony may not admit it openly but they are turning consoles into PCs so as to accommodate the growing gaming industry.

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