Xbox One Won Black Friday Race Against PS4 for Many Reasons

Xbox One Won Against PS4

Black Friday was immensely addictive as it has always been with deals that would empty your wallet even though you may not want it.

Xbox One and PS4 bundles were so good to miss that a lot of people purchased them.

Xbox One Won Black Friday Race

While the statistics are large and has many minor ups or downs when compared head to head, it looks like Microsoft’s Xbox One console has won the Black Friday race. The console took off to a really bad start when the company made a number of decisions that annoyed players. Game sharing was a huge concern but was later rolled out. Sony primarily feasted on Microsoft’s mistakes to promote their console than showcase their uniqueness.

However, as time progress Xbox One S and the older console has slowly grown to become the primary choice for people who love games, entertainment and everything else the machine could do for them. PS4 and the newly launched PS4 Pro are however geared towards hardcore gamers. The tag claims so but in terms of power, the Pro still has a long way to go with very little optimized games available for the platform.

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According to a Black Friday sales tracking website InfoScout, Xbox One sold the most on digital stores. People who purchased the PS4 console were however higher on the store front. Both consoles won in two different shopping platforms but it is the reason as to why they choose the particular system matters the most. In a data chart, the company confirmed that Xbox One sold higher because of game selection, bundled game, entertainment and streaming.

The PS4 console had a winning edge when it came to convincing buyers to buy it for its performance. Almost all the games are available on both systems except for a short list of Sony exclusives. From the sales trend, it is evident people no longer care about exclusives even though Microsoft earlier confirmed cross buy that brought all Xbox games to Windows 10 PCs as well. It was expected to hurt sales but it didn’t!

Xbox One Won Against PS4

Most buyers wanted the PS4 Pro than the PS4 Slim as 4K televisions are more affordable now. Besides, many are keen to see how 4K gaming looks like. Not so surprisingly, virtual reality support had the lowest impact on buyers to decide which console they want to opt for. Console gaming is going good as of now and with the right launches next year, it could get the much needed boost.

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