Xiaomi Mi 5S Manages Stunning Antutu Benchmarks Scores

xiaomi mi 5

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5S seems to be an extremely exciting phone by all regards.

Early leaks about the specifications of the device seemed to suggest that it would have the latest version of snapdragon’s high-end processor. It has turned out to be the case with the phone sporting a snapdragon 821 chipset, which replaces the 820 processor found in almost every other high end smartphone today. Snapdragon seems to have made a considerable improvement in terms of performance, as results of the Xiaomi Mi 5S on the Antutu have just been leaked.

xiaomi mi 5

The phone is set for an official launch on September 27 and Xiaomi have already handed out invitations for the same. The phone is expected to have a 5.1-inch screen with lack of proper information about the resolution. Even if it gets the QHD screen in favor of the more battery friendly 1080p display, it should still be fine given the screen size. A QHD screen, though, could take the pixel density figures beyond 550 PPI. The talking points on the Xiaomi Mi 5S are clearly about performance.

The phone will have 6 GB of RAM making it harder for the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to keep up. Benchmark scores have been leaked to show the phone making a whopping 164,002. This should mean a superfast device while also maintaining the same level of multitasking capabilities as the OnePlus 3. Even though the Galaxy Note 7 also has class leading specifications, it simply loses out to the OnePlus 3 largely because of the 6 GB of RAM, and it is surprising considering that the OnePlus 3 is almost half the price.

antutu benchmark

Aside from this highly capable processor and large amount of RAM, the phone also has the support of Adreno 530 GPU. There is every possibility that the Xiaomi Mi 5S could replicate a similar scenario when it comes to the worldwide markets from next week. Aside from the incredible performance figures, the phone is also expected to come with 256 GB of internal storage, a 16-megapixel rear camera, a battery capacity of 3490 mAh, and USB Type-C ports. All these specifications point out to a phone that will be even better than OnePlus devices which have been claimed as the real flagship killer.

Pricing of the Xiaomi Mi 5S could be the major factor that determines its success once it is available around the world.

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