Xiaomi Mi 6 Image and Mi MIX 2 360-degree Render Leak – Slimmer Bezels, Dual-Lens Camera and Simply Gorgeous

Xiaomi Mi 6 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Xiaomi Mi 6 and the successor to the almost bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX are among the most anticipated phones of 2017.

While the former is expected to lead the way in the coming weeks with the latter expected to join the party probably in the second half of the year, leaks of both phones haven’t been hard to come by. We’ve heard rumors that Xiaomi Mi 6 will be unveiled shortly after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8. This is because the company wants to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC on the phone and because Samsung is having the first priority with the S8, the wait will have to go a little bit close or into the second half of the year.

Now, in a newly leaked image, it appears that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will not only come with the latest processor, but it will also jump into the latest dual-lens camera craze. Even though the image is not the clearest you can get out there, the dual-camera on the back is quite visible alongside a dual-LED flash. The phone has the usual “Mi” logo at the back and from the design, it truly looks a more premium handset than the Redmi series and the likes.

Unlike the Xiaomi Mi 6, the images we have about the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 are 360-degree concept renders by Techconfigurations. Although not official from Xiaomi, this is a great imagination of what the phone could look like. From a distance, you’ll know that this phone has something to do with the Mi MIX. The back is ceramic and the near bezel-less design is still there, however, the only bezel on the phone has grown even much smaller than in the original model, leaving behind a device that is simply gorgeous to look at.

Another major change on the concept Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is the addition of a second camera lens on the back, with the concept creator hoping for a dual 16MP setup. The fingerprint scanner should also keep its place at the back, just below the cameras. A previous report had claimed that the new Mi MIX 2 will ship with an even great screen-to-body ratio of 93% compared to the original’s 91.3%. Of course, the only way to make sure that this actually happens without making monster changes to the phone is reducing the size of the only bezel on the phone.

The original Xiaomi Mi MIX had a huge screen of 6.4 inches. Even though the bezel-less design means that the phone still remains somehow compact, it would be a welcome idea if the Chinese OEM went for something more manageable, probably 5.7 inches. As noted earlier, we expect to see the Xiaomi Mi 6 first before the Mi MIX 2 makes any appearance.


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