Xiaomi Mi 7 (Mi 7 Plus) could use 6-inch OLED panels from Samsung

Xiaomi has managed to change its fortunes this year, with the company’s mobile business seeing a major growth in terms of shipments compared to last year.

The company is not about to let this change in fortunes slip away easily and to do this; there are plans to ship next year’s flagship phones with Samsung-made OLED panels. According to The Bell (via The Investor), the Chinese OEM has struck a deal with Samsung where the latter will supply the former with 6.01-inch OLED panels for next year’s Xiaomi flagship phones.

According to the report, the first shipment will take place this December, where about 1 million units will be delivered to the Chinese OEM. Later in January 2018, a further 2.2 million units will be shipped to China.

Even though the report doesn’t mention a thing with respect to the Xiaomi Mi 7, we know that this is the flagship phone that Xiaomi will possibly release in Q1 or Q2 2018. The Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi 5 were released at about the same time this year and last year, respectively. As a result, it’s possible that the early shipments are targeting the timely release of the Xiaomi Mi 7 and a possible Mi 7 Plus in early 2018.

Initially, LG had been the one to supply Xiaomi with OLED panels measuring 5.49 inches, but due to the delays in the company’s new E5 plant operations, which will reportedly kick off in August, Xiaomi had to switch its allegiance to the ready Samsung Display. It remains to be seen whether these 6.01-inch OLED panels will be used on the Xiaomi Mi 7 or other flagship phones to be released later in 2018, especially since the company usually uses 5.15-inch panels for its Mi flagships.


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