Xiaomi Mi Mix Proves the Chinese OEM is Ready to Take on the Big Names

Xiaomi Mi Mix Chinese OEM

Xiaomi Mi Mix is the latest, hottest phone in town, but it comes from a lowly Chinese OEM that is known to only those in Asia and a few who bother track what Chinese OEMs have to offer to the smartphone world.

Over its entire existence, Xiaomi has been mocked for being a copycat of Apple, something that has even earned it the title of “the Apple of China” in its homeland. This has even come between the company’s efforts of making a switch to the U.S. and other parts of the world, but this is about to change thanks to the new Xiaomi Mi Mix phablet.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Chinese OEM

During the launch event, many only expected to see the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, but the company surprised them with a Mi Mix phone, but it calls the handset a concept phone. With this device, the OEM has shown the world that it is not just about copycats, but it can also come in with its own unique designs from scratch.

Some are already arguing that the Xiaomi Mi Mix is an early look at the next iPhone, but this doesn’t take away the fact that the handset is the first to come with such a stunning design. Xiaomi is known for being a low-end player but with the new Mi Mix alongside the Mi Note 2, the company has just about everything it needs to prove critics wrong. Speaking of the Mi Note 2, the phone does look a lot like the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 thanks to the curved front and back, however, it is the original Xiaomi Mi Note that debuted the curved back ahead of Samsung, which further helps acclaim the design of the Mi Note 2.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Both phones are already available in China, but there are online retailers such as Geekbuying.com that can help you ship any of the two to your desired location across the globe.

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