Xiaomi Mi MIX Unveiled in White, No Change of Specs and Features

Xiaomi Mi MIX

Xiaomi Mi MIX took the world by storm when it was first unveiled thanks to its unique design language. The phone has an immense body-to-screen ratio thanks to its almost bezel-less front panel – a first of its kind to be seen in the smartphone world.

Before the Xiaomi Mi MIX, the Chinese OEM was often accused of being a copy-paste company, with the same accusations earning it a title in China – the Apple of China. Apparently, Xiaomi has produced a huge number of smartphones that resemble Apple’s iPhone when it comes to design, but a look at the Mi MIX will tell you that this company is just as innovative as its competitors in the smartphone market.

While the Xiaomi Mi MIX has already been launched in China, the OEM made most of its first ever attendance at the CES 2017 event by unveiling a new white color variant of the Mi MIX. Other than the change in the color scheme, the new Xiaomi Mi MIX has everything else in the same place as the black model.

The screen-to-body ratio still remains at a massive 91.3%, totaling a huge 6.4 inches of display. The resolution is also high-end at 2040 x 1080 pixels, but you will for sure love the design of the front panel more than anything else. The screen has subtle curves that go beyond the edge and into the frame, with the only side to feature a bezel being the bottom side. If you didn’t like the part where the black variant had a hard time hiding fingerprints, well, the white model excels at this task.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

Under the hood, the new white Xiaomi Mi MIX has a Snapdragon 821 processor that is paired with a RAM of 6GB. The battery remains unchanged at 4400mAh and so does the rear camera, which has the same 16MP snapper. The bottom bezel of the front panel homes a 5MP snapper, just like its counterpart. There is Android Marshmallow out of the box, but a new update to Android Nougat is expected probably during this Q1 2017.

Many might have fallen in love with the Xiaomi Mi MIX already, but there is little they can do as far as availability in local stores is concerned. Like the black variant, the white color model of the Mi MIX will only be sold in China, at least for now.

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