Xiaomi Mi Note 2 – Flagship Phablet to be Introduced on 25th October – New Images Released

The new Mi Note 2 from Xiaomi is a flagship phablet that will be introduced on the 25th of October at a press conference.

The curved phablet will be the latest flagship device of Xiaomi. There have been plenty of rumors regarding the phablet for the past few months. However, the latest leak shows the Note 2 from Xiaomi, from the front as well as the backside.

New Images

You can now see the images of the upcoming Mi Note 2 and it can be seen that the phone has a curved display. The curve is on both the sides, almost similar to the curved display of S7 Edge. The Mi brand name can be seen on the top left corner on the front of the phone, similar to the Mi 5 that was released in the early part of 2016.

Display and Buttons

The home key or fingerprint scanner is a physical one that is found beneath the display, but it is bigger than the one on the Mi 5. It will probably be covered in ceramic, which is the same as the Mi 5 and this will offer scratch proof features. The volume rocker keys and the power and lock keys are found on the right side of this phone.

The Back

The back shows one camera with a dual LED flash feature. This might appear to be odd, as there were several leaks claiming that the Note 2 from Xiaomi would come with double camera sensors on its rear. However, it is possible that the company is planning to offer many versions of the Note 2, with only the high end ones having two camera sensors.

Mi Note 2 double camera

Other Expected Specs

The phone will come in metal combined with glass and the branding of the company will be seen on the rear as well. There will probably be a USB port of Type C on the bottom of the phone and it will possibly have a screen size of 5.7 inches with QHD display and a RAM of 6 GB, powered by a quad core Snapdragon, 821, 64 bit processor.

Geared Up for Event

Xiaomi is all geared up for the upcoming event on the 25th of October, when it will introduce the Note 2, which is the flagship phone. Earlier the company had released the Mi 5S and 5S Plus in the early part of the year. Earlier, there were rumors that the Mi Note 2 would be released in September this year, but the launch event has been tweeted to take place on the said date via Twitter. The image accompanying the teaser was titled, Curved to Impress. This confirms the rumors that the Note 2 will come with curved display. There will be a live streaming of the event through Facebook.

Mi Note 2

Expected Price

Most of the PowerPoint slides that have appeared online confirm that the rumors regarding the specs are accurate. As for the pricing, it is said that the version with 4 GB of RAM could cost around $415 and the 6 GB variant at a higher price of $445.

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