Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Set to Arrive with Curved Display in Two Variants

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Xiaomi has been working on the Mi 5 for quite a while and the phone is set to take its place as one of the best Xiaomi phones money can buy.

However, it may not be the only option at the top of the Xiaomi range if reports are to be believed, as the company is preparing to launch the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 as well. More importantly, it may become one of the few phones to come with a curved display apart from the Samsung devices.

The replacement for the Xiaomi Mi Note phablet has generated quite a lot of attention since rumors about two variants came about. The phone may be available in the standard form with several improvements over the predecessor. Users can also opt for the version with a curved display like in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is rumored that the standard version will come with options like quick charging, single camera at the rear, a new high-performance processor.

Xiaomi Mi Note-2

The version with the curved display, though, becomes even better with options like dual camera setup at the rear, an even better processor, and super quick charging, which is likely to be reminiscent of the dash charging feature recently introduced on the OnePlus 3. Unfortunately, more details about the specifications like the high-performance processors and the quick charging capabilities are not available. As of now, snapdragon has only a couple of top of the range processors.

It is highly likely that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 they come with either the 820 or 823 versions of the snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. They can also become one of the latest phones to come with the 6 GB of RAM, which recently made its debut on the OnePlus 3. More phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are expected to follow up with this feature, but Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be able to offer them at almost half the price. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is rumored to be available only in one version with the curved display, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 availability in two options is likely to make it more attractive.

It remains to be seen if Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will provide the much anticipated QHD display for taking advantage of the large pixel density. It would especially be the need of the hour in such a large phone.

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