Xiaomi’sMi Note 2, Mi MIX – Globally Available for Pre Ordering on GearBest – Hallowed Device Offering the Best from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Mix

The Note 2 and the Mi Mix from Xiaomi will soon be available globally, with the Note 2 already made available for pre ordering from GearBest, with Mi Mix soon to follow.

Two New Flagships

Xiaomi had introduced its two new flagship phablets a few days ago. These are the Note 2 and the Mi MIX. It was expected that the company would introduce the Note 2, but the bezel less Mi MIX was a surprise. The Mi MIX comes without bezels on the top and the sides, with only a minor chin beneath the display. Both the devices offer high-end specs.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Available in China

The two devices are already available now for Chinese buyers and they have started the flash sale of the same. However, the company had stated that they would not launch the Mi MIX outside of China. This had angered several users, especially those from India who were expected the device to come their country.

Pre Ordering from GearBest

However, fans of the phone are now in luck as both the devices can now be purchased with pre ordering from GearBest.

The Note 2 from Xiaomi is available currently for pre ordering and the Mi MIX will soon follow suit. Consumers can pre order any version of the Note 2 in GearBest, even the global version supporting almost all the networks available. GearBest has also listed the Mi MIX on its site, though it is not currently available. However, fans can subscribe to the newsletter of the company and will get an alert as soon as it is available.

Xiaomi Mi MIX from GearBest

Xiaomi Flagship Phablets Specs

Both the Note 4 and the Mi MIX from Xiaomi are powered by Snapdragon, 821, 64 bit quad core, SoC and this is combined with an Adreno 530 graphics card. The two phablets will come with Android 6.0, Marshmallow version. This will be overlaid by the MIUI 8 operating system of Xiaomi. The two phablets have two versions of 4GB RAM and 6 GB RAM, but there ends the similarity.

The Mi Note 2 has a QHD, curved AMOLED screen panel of 5.7 inches, whereas the Mi MIX comes with a bigger 6.4 inches screen at a resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels. The Note 2 has a 22.56 MP rear camera, where as the Mi MIX has a 16 MP rear snapper.

Catering to Chinese Segment

Xiaomi had previously announced that the phone would not be sold outside China. This was expected, as the focus of the company is usually on the home segment. However, it was felt that the latest phablets would be available for India and Singapore and also Malaysia. The company had followed a similar policy in case of the Mi Note last year. However, this time there is plenty of interest in the new phablet, as the Note 2 offers global support for LTE and it now offers compatibility with most of the global carriers.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Reason for Limiting

The reason for limiting the devices to China was mostly due to a limited number of devices. However, according to Jai Mani, the product head of Xiaomi India, the design could also be part of the reason. Users might not accept a selfiecamera at the bottom and also the edge detection feature. Though these are trivial matters, it is still in the conceptual stage.

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