You Can Now Backup Select Photos on Google Photos

Google Photos

There is no doubt that Google Photos is a cool application. Using this app, users are able to automatically sync photos to the cloud such that accessing them only requires them to sign in using their Google account as long as the device in use is compatible.

The application comes with nifty features that allow users to make some few improvements, organize the photos and lots of other things. In case you use Android and you are the photogenic type, this is one application you should download and install on your phone or tablet. As long as your photos are no beyond 16MP resolution, you can freely upload and save them in Google Photos for as long as you want.

Despite the future-proof nature of the Google Photos with respect to your photo collection, there is still one very annoying thing about this application. Usually, the app will automatically create backups of all photos on your device, including screenshots and photos downloaded from the web or apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, among others. There is, however, a way out of this for users of this application. One needs to pick the folders on the device that Google Photos will automatically backup photos from, something that is very inconvenient at times.

Google Photos

In case your Camera folder is set as the folder to automatically backup photos from, creating backup on Google Photos app for photos in other folders will require that you temporarily pick the Download folder, for example, as the folder that the Photos app automatically backs up photos from. Alternatively, you may have to move the photos to your Camera folder manually.

Google is trying to rework things for users of this Google Photos app after announcing that it will no longer be supporting the Picasa photos app. In the newly released version, Google Photos will let users manually select and backup any photos from whatever folder on the device they use. All one needs to do is open the Photos app and find the folder that contains the photos. Select the images you want to back up in the cloud and hit the triple-dot menu on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Finish the process by selecting “Back up now”.

The update is only available for those using Google Photos on Android. However, it is expected to hit iOS users very soon.

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