You’ll need $279 to repair the iPhone X screen, $549 for other damage

iPhone X

Following its unveiling weeks ago, the long-awaited Apple iPhone X finally started selling today. Being a one-of-a-kind phone in the iPhone series, Apple had more information to give out regarding the repair prices of the phone.

The iPhone X already costs a mouth-watering $1000 and as you’d expect, the repair costs get even higher. Unless you have an extended warranty, you’ll have to shell out $279 to replace the screen of this beauty. In comparison, a new iPhone 8 screen costs $169 while replacing one on an iPhone 6 is just $129.

So, if you are not okay with that figure, you better take great care of your iPhone X, otherwise, any other damage will set you back an even higher $549. When compared to other iPhones, this is a lot more. For instance, you need $349 to repair the iPhone 8 and $50 more for the iPhone 8 Plus. Again, if this is too much for you, don’t crack that glass back panel or you may have to live with it.

Many people choose not to get Apple Care+, the company’s extended warranty because it always looks costly. Now that the iPhone X needs $279 to replace a broken screen, paying $199 for Apple’s warranty suddenly seems a much better option.

Even though the repair prices seem high, you’d be mad to expect otherwise. Despite the rivalry between the two, Apple had to source the iPhone X OLED panels from Samsung. Note that there are other companies that make OLED panels, but it’s Samsung that can supply the type of screens Apple needed for the phone. With this in mind, they are going to be expensive.

Those in the UK will pay £286 for screen repairs and £556 for other damages while Germany – and possibly the rest of Europe – will pay €321 for screen repairs and €611 for other damages. If you live in Canada, the price for screen repairs will be CAD $359 and CAD $709 for other damages while Australians will part with AUD $419 for screen repairs and AUD $819 for other damages.


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