Your Phone will Soon Charge Faster with Lesser Heat, Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ is Coming

Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+

Keeping the smartphones ahead is no easy task and Qualcomm, the company behind the most successful mobile chip Snapdragon is doing every possible upgrade to stay ahead of the competition.

Compared to the past, smartphones are pretty much small computers on which you can do anything and everything you would do on a large desktop PC. Obviously, they need larger batteries and the next task is to find a way to make them charge faster. While Qualcomm had achieved both to a good extent, phones get quite hot when they are being quick charged. All latest smartphones in the market by Samsung, Huawei, Motorola are equipped with the Quick Charge 4 feature.

Quick Charge 4+

A newly made announcement confirmed that Qualcomm is now rolling out Quick Charge 4+, an additional improvement to the already popular technology. The company confirmed that they are going to add three new technologies that would make it more user friendly, much faster to charge large batteries and also fix the overheating issue which is consistently found across all mobile phone processors.

Dual Charge

The feature titled dual charge as the name suggests will split the available current with the help of an integrated secondary power management implemented in the IC. Instead of trying to push all the power into the phone at once, it dissipates the power which in turn according to Qualcomm will reduce the heat generated in the phone. All devices these days get quite hot during quick charge and will gradually reduce in time. Qualcomm aims to solve this problem with this particular technology.

Safety Features

Qualcomm is also bringing in a bunch of new safety features including a very innovative setup. The processor will now be able to identify the temperature of the connector and the case. It ensures that no damage occurs to the Type C connector and also protects the phone against over heating. At any point, if it is found to go beyond the said level, it will automatically stop charging and save the device as well as the chip, motherboard circuit from getting burnt. A lot of smartphone accidents took place and this feature should finally put an end to those issues.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+

Better Heat Dissipation

The company claims the technology as intelligent thermal balancing, which dissipates the heat. Another feature found in Quick Charge 4+ which will make sure the device is coolest even during charging and also make use of the hotspots available to charge it as quick as possible.