Youtube Dark Mode May Make it Easier to Browse Videos in the Dark

Youtube Dark Mode May Make it Easier to Browse Videos in the Dark

Every top app on the iOS and Android platform has a dark mode.

It is also known as night mode by some where the entire interface is changed with a deep, black background. Youtube app on iOS might soon receive an update which will introduce the dark mode for iPhone users.

While the world of smartphones and tablets have evolved nearly a decade ago, still a lot of important and basic features are missing in the top apps. Besides, Google often prefers more on Android devices where they have the freedom to roll out new features immediately when compared to the iOS platform due to restrictions set in place by Apple.

Youtube Dark Mode

After introducing the dark mode in its beta channel according to reports from some users who posted the screenshots on the Reddit website, it is being rumored that Youtube will soon bring it to all devices around the world. If you are using iOS on your iPhone or iPad, you should soon be able to head to the settings tab to make the change.

The developers are yet to make an official statement but users confirmed that they were able to open the settings page on their devices and a new option which says light mode, dark mode has popped up on their app. When they switch, everything including the text, background color and overall aesthetics of the app changes making it easier to browse the app at night without straining your eyes.

Youtube Dark Mode Make it Easier to Browse Videos in the Dark

Most users have developed a habit where they spend hours browsing through Facebook, Youtube videos and other apps throughout the night. Using smartphones that emit blue light at night is considered to be a big strain on your eyes but most continue to do so. While using blue light remover is one way to safeguard yourself against getting watery eyes, when the app’s interface doesn’t use a white background and has a black one definitely improves the overall experience especially when browsing videos in the dark.

For now, Youtube is still testing the feature and they may not immediately bring it to all users considering the fact that their user base is very high on the iOS platform. They might rollout the dark mode to their apps in batches and once it is confirmed that it works as intended without any issues, it will be introduced to everyone and you can start using it on both iPhone and iPad.

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