Youtube is About to Make Comments Easier to Read


Youtube is bringing a lot of changes to the app on iOS, Android devices and the desktop version of the video streaming website.

In a blog post, the company revealed all the changes they are working on including the creator’s update, new comments search option and more VR formats to support.

While watching videos is the primary task that Youtube is designed to do, a lot of people spend time scrolling through the comments. People tend to post quirky comments, provide information about the video and usually it’s just fun to read them to know what everyone is up to. The comment section on Youtube is like a social media of its own and the developers are now working to make it better for all. The idea is to make it easy to search what you are looking for based on a set of keywords.

Youtube Comments Easier to Read

The company has been planning to introduce a lot of changes to the app including the support for multiple VR video formats and the ability to support dynamic video sizes, the biggest changes that you could possibly spot would be in the comment’s section. A screenshot has been posted on their blog post. It was also detailed during the VidCon 2017 event. Based on the screenshot, it is possible to make out that a new popular comment topics will be added to the app.

With the help of the features, any user will be able to sort comments based on common keywords found in replies and also know things that they actually like to know. For example, if you come across a video which has a familiar celebrity, place or some prop in it, it is possible to search the comments to find the exact match. It saves a lot of time as you will instantly be browsing through only those comments and exclude them all that may not be related to it any way.


Finding comments related to the keyword or topic makes it fun to browse through as you would do on any other social media like Facebook. Channels may choose to disable this feature if they don’t want people to focus on a particular keyword and rather browse through all the comments the conventional way. A redesign for the Youtube app is also incoming but it may not be rolled out immediately and when it does, it will not change the basics, confirmed the development team.

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