Youtube V12.17 Allows a Feature to Turn Off Floating Video Player

Youtube V12.17 Feature

The latest Youtube V12.17 is about to bring in a new feature that may make some users happy.

The floating video player in the Android app has been a very useful feature but it may soon undergo some drastic modifications.

The information comes from a tear down of the app which is something the average user cannot do. However, the expert coders and developers who always love to explore the hidden features in upcoming Android applications have found that Youtube developers are experimenting with a new interface. According to some users, they spotted player controls on the bottom of the app. It is still unclear as to how the setup would work.

Youtube V12.17

For almost four years, the floating video bar in the app has worked as an efficient choice. With number of videos available on the platform, it is usually difficult to watch one without having the urge to browse through the other videos available. However, when it floats on the side, you can easily scroll through as many videos as you like without having to stop the one that is currently playing. On smartphones with large screens these days, it is even fun to watch a small thumbnail of the clip with the audio playing in the background while you scroll through your subscriptions, offline videos or history.

It is also speculated that the developers are considering adding an option that will soon allow users to completely shutdown the floating video player in Youtube version 12.17. The add-on is primarily being introduced to help people save data, as data usage has been playing an important role in determining a person’s average usage scenario. Service providers are imposing a whole lot of rules and app developers to counter the issue are introducing lite version of their apps so as to make them run seamlessly even on slow internet connections.

Youtube V12.17 Feature

Skype, Facebook and all top apps have this feature and youtube is doing its own part by allowing users to shut off floating video player. It will save data as the video will stop downloading as soon as you close it and will not run in the background. The teardown also showed that users may also have an option to keep the floating player running only when they are on a Wifi connection and not on metered cellphone connections. Based on user feedback, the particular feature may be further expanded or have more options allowing video playback to be controlled as the user wants it to.