Youtube’s Music Streaming Service Remix is Ready to Take on Spotify and Apple Music

Youtube’s Music Streaming Service Remix is Ready to Take on Apple music

Reportedly, Youtube is planning to roll out a music streaming service which has been tentatively titled as Remix.

The platform will directly compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, the two large players in the streaming industry.

Users are already bombarded with various apps on all sides and they have more than a handful of monthly subscriptions to manage ranging from Netflix, Hulu to Spotify among others. However, Google’s team is confident that with the type of service they offer, quality of app, UI and choice of songs, they will be able to convince users to go with the Remix instead.

Youtube’s Music Streaming Service

Signing Record Labels

According to newest reports, Youtube is working on signing the top record labels so that they could get the best songs on the platform before the big launch. They have already managed to sign up Warner Bros. Music group which is good start but the deal with some of the big companies including Sony Music Entertainment, Merlin and Universal Music group is yet to be finalized.

Only when they are all finalized, Youtube will be able to move forward with the service. The only good news and the biggest strength they have right now is millions of Android phones in the world already has Youtube app pre-installed in them. They don’t have to convince users to download their services because the music app can be provided as an extension or possibly even within the existing video streaming services which simplifies things for them.

Youtube’s Music Streaming Service Remix is Ready to Take on Spotify

But, for millions of subscribers who already use Spotify and Apple Music on a daily basis, it might be tough to consider subscribing for a new service and jumping wagons just like that. The developers are also working hard to bring lots of independent musicians on board which will help them expand the total number of songs on launch day.

Remix is not the final name for the music streaming service proposed by Youtube. However, it is one of the most preferred choices among the team but may get changed at the last minute. A lot of groundwork has to be done before they could make the announcement official but it should be good to have one more strong competitor enter the market. They already have access to the best songs in video format and expanding it further may provide a more comprehensive experience, especially for people who are interested in services like Youtube Red.

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