ZTE Tempo Now Available on Boost Mobile for $69.99

ZTE Tempo

ZTE has been coming out with a spree of launches in the affordable smartphone segment.

Now, Boost Mobile receives another handset from the ZTE range to boost its portfolio. The ZTE Tempo has been available for some time now as a prepaid option on the Sprint network. Now, Boost Mobile breaks this device for $69.99 in addition to taxes. Unlike other network providers, there is no requirement to come up with a service agreement with Boost Mobile. This makes it doubly attractive when it comes to owning a solid smartphone at an attractive price.

ZTE Tempo for $69.99

The primary reason for the ZTE Tempo being available at this price is the mediocre specifications of the device. Offering only a 4.5 inch display, it seems slightly smaller than many of the current crop of smartphones and it is simply down to the lower display size. However, one of the greatest advantages of the phone is that it provides Android Marshmallow experience for a fraction of the price charged by the other smartphones. Certainly, compromises have had to be made in order to price this product with such competitive rates.

One of the compromises is the use of a snapdragon 210 processor, which is one of the slowest in the Qualcomm range. However, the 1.1 GHz processor with four cores should just be able to handle the Android Marshmallow due to its significant updates to make it more accessible for lower-end specifications. This coupled with the numerous battery saving measures mean that the Android Marshmallow is one of the most popular versions of android out there. One of the few issues may crop up as a result of 1 GB of RAM on offer, but even this can be overcome using regular clean-up of recent apps.

ZTE Tempo

Now that the phone has decent specifications to run the operating system, it would have been a travesty if it was to suffer in other areas like the imaging department. Once again, it is not the case since the phone has a decently equipped five-megapixel shooter in the rear and a two-megapixel front facing camera. The ZTE Tempo also manages to squeeze in 4G LTE network support along the way. As expected, it does not come with fast charging or any other high-end specifications but the 2200 mAh battery should be enough to handle the daily requirements.

The ZTE Tempo is also available with an unlimited plan from just $30 per month.

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