ZTE Toying with Launch of Stock Android Devices – Filling in the Gap Left by Nexus Devices by Going Stockish


According to Phandroid, ZTE seems to be toying with the idea of launching a stock Android device, as most users prefer a pure Android experience.

Death of Nexus Phones

With the birth of the new line of Pixel phones from Google, the Nexus phones have come to an end and with this the end of an affordable phone offering a pure Android or stock Android experience. It seems that ZTE could fill in the gap left by the Nexus devices.


According to Phandroid, ZTE is considering the idea of launching pure Android devices. This was in response to a September community poll that showed that most of the users prefer a pure Android experience or at least a near pure Android experience.

Much Needed Gesture

ZTE is now asking users their reasons for preferring a pure or unadulterated experience of Android. ZTE is making a much-needed gesture by asking for customer feedback. The company has been doing a lot of it these days. For instance, the Project CSX smartphone was a device that was entirely crowdsouårced. You can stick it on a wall and it will be able to track the user’s gaze. In addition, the Axon 7 was also offered as the company’s response to feedback received from the earlier Axon phone. The Axon 7 is among the top phones of the year, being offered at a reasonable price of $400.

Android Without Skins

Google offered the pure Android experience earlier, when it sold the Google Play edition smartphones offered by third parties, stripping the customized skins and additional features in favor of an unadulterated Android experience. However, the offer was not very successful and Google discontinued the program. However, there still seem to be many pure Android fans out there and they are likely to get another option from Android phones in the future, offering them the unadulterated experience if they wish.

ZTE Goes Stockish

ZTE is planning to go the stockish way that Motorola has taken earlier, offering only a few features that are customized. This will make the experience nearly pure Android. The company is probably doing this in order to have the ability of offering quick updates to users as well as a pure and unadulterated experience of the Android software at a reasonable price. This is all that Nexus users ultimately want. If you are one among those who miss the stock Android experience offered by Nexus devices at a reasonable price, there is still hope, as ZTE aims at filling the void.

ZTE Hero of the Hour

The Hero of the Hour

ZTE could very well be the hero that we need at this hour, as it is attempting to fill the void that the end of the Nexus devices has left behind. The successor to the Nexus devices is the Pixel device, but it is a premium device coming with a premium price. It can only be compared to the Apple iPhone 7 or the Samsung S7, so it is a disappointment to many users who are looking for a pure Android experience that is also reasonably priced.

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