10nm Chips – Samsung Begins Chip Production for S8 – Samsung Has learned its Lesson

Samsung 10 nm Chip Technology

Samsung has begun mass production of the new 10 nm system chips, which is the first one in development.

The FinFET technology of producing 10 nm chips on a mass scale shows the leadership of the company in such an advanced technology, according to the VP of Samsung Electronics, Jong Shik Yoon.

10 nm Chip Technology

Samsung 10 nm Chip Technology

The technological process uses advanced three dimensional transistor structures. This is combined with enhancements in the design enablement and the technological process. The process is much higher when compared to the process of 14 nm.

The new technology is likely to result in an enhancement of the performance by 27%, alongside decrease of power consumption by 40%, according to news from Business Wire.

New Device for New Chips

According to a statement issued by Samsung, the new chips will be used in new devices. However, it did not specify the particular device that will make use of the 10 nm chip, though the device is likely to be launched by the early part of 2017.

Next Flagship Device

The new device making use of the 10 nm chip is probably the next flagship device of the company coming after S7, probably the S8. The time stamp of early next year offers further evidence that the device could probably be the S8. This is because Samsung follows the routine of releasing the S line up of devices during the early half of the year, followed by the Note line up of devices in the second part of the year. However, there is no word still about the successor to the Note 7.

Other Rumors about Galaxy 8

Rumors about Galaxy 8

The Galaxy 8 will probably come with 4K display and support virtual reality features. The Exynos 8895 processor and the new Mali G71 of ARM for the graphics card will back it. The processor will be capable of supporting the mobile virtual reality technology power requirements.

4K and VR Ready

The new Mali G71 graphics card has been developed solely for the purpose of meeting the needs of advanced industrial technologies, and will be capable of offering smooth virtual reality experiences, according to the ARM website.

New 830 – Snapdragon Processor

According to the Tech Times, the company will be manufacturing the successor of Snapdragon 820, the 830 processor, exclusively for the new S8. Samsung has a good rapport with Qualcomm, as the latter is still manufacturing the Snapdragon 820 even today. The 830 processor will make use of the 10 nm chip technology.

Galaxy S8

Two Processor Variants

According to rumors, the S8 devices will ship with the Snapdragon 830 in case of the United States and with the Exynos 8895 in case of other parts of the world. The new 10 nm chip technology will be introduced in the early part of 2017 and will then be offered to other devices as well for the rest of the year.

Recouping Losses

The chip business of Samsung will offer a great way of recouping the huge losses it faced in producing the failed Note 7 phones. If the company has really learned its lesson the hard way, the same problems will not appear on the S8.

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