AT&T to Offer Broken Screens Repair for Select iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Devices Beginning Next Month

AT&T Insurance Plan

The competition in the telecommunications world is getting tougher each day and to make sure they stay afloat; many carriers have been throwing in quite a bunch of amazing offers that keep attracting more customers while at the same time appeasing the loyal ones.

AT&T is the latest to throw in an offer that will help keep its loyal customers glued to the carrier. However, this will only be affecting those who have insured their smartphones. Rather than be forced to file a claim, part with some fee (a deductible) and sit back as you wait for the device to be replaced, AT&T and Asurion have a new understanding that will now include phone repairs under its insurance plan. Whenever you smash the screen of your phone, the process of getting it fixed will now be taken care of by the carrier, something that should indeed be a welcome idea.

Beginning November 15, those who have insured their phones on AT&T will be required to part with just $89 in order to get the device repaired the same day. It is hard to get a same-day repair technician for your smashed screen, but if you are the kind who can’t spend a day away from your phone, this new plan might just be what you have been missing. Furthermore, you will most probably end up with some extra cash when you use this plan. Usually, a high-end phone has a deductible fee of between $150 and $225, so, paying $89 for a same-day screen repair should be a better deal as well as time saver.

AT&T Insurance Plan

But there are some caveats

Before getting too excited, you need to know a few things first. For starters, the AT&T insurance plan has only eight devices in mind. These are Apple’s iPhone SE as well as the entire list of iPhone 6 models from 2014 and 2015. There is no room for the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but there is room for Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4 as well as Galaxy S5. Other surprise misses here are the Galaxy Note 5 alongside the Galaxy S7 models.

AT&T will not be rolling out the new plan in all parts of the country at once. The service will only be launching in 14 markets as of mid-November, but more will be coming later. Visit the official AT&T page for more details about the covered regions.

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