2016 BMW M2 Could Quite Possibly Be the Ultimate Drivers’ Car

2016 BMW M2

BMW has always prided on making some of the world’s best vehicles oriented for the driver.

The German giant has always had a focus on sportiness and offering fun to the driver even in its luxury offerings. However, there has been a special division that focuses entirely on the driver and it is legendary – M division. The latest works of the M division is the new BMW M2. Many BMWs have recently shown a preference towards shifting to products for the masses, but fans of BMW will not complain as long as models like BMW M2 continue to hit the showrooms.

The 2016 BMW M2 is the successor to the 1-series M. The vehicle shares most of its parts with the much more expensive BMW M3, but in a lighter and compact body. It sounds like the perfect recipe for success, and indeed it is.

Aspects like the suspension have been carried over from the M3. There are massive brakes to go along with the 19 inch wheels that are complete with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. However, there is one area where the M2 does not share parts with the M3 – engine. Many have been left disappointed with the M3’s twin turbo engine, which is reportedly not one of the finest sounding M engines. The growth of turbos can be blamed on this aspect.


Rather than using the straight-six twin turbo engine from the M3, the BMW M2 goes for the straight-six engine found in the M235i. The Pistons, though, have been upgraded with those from the M3 motor. The result is an engine that produces a whopping 365 hp at 6500 rpm. There is343 lb-ft of torque to play from as low as 1400 rpm. BMW have equipped with the vehicle with an overboost function that adds the 26 lb-ft of additional torque for a brief period. It does 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

In Northern California, the BMW M2 is available with manual and automatic gearbox options. The manual is a six speed unit while the seven speed dual clutch transmission will offer even better shifting times while also providing better economy than the manual. The automatic is likely to be the default choice for many, but hard-core enthusiasts will surely go for the manual. The BMW M2 is undoubtedly an M car of great proportions. Small, powerful, and agile, this M2 has the capability to dominate the roads.

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