2017 BMW X4 M40i Offers Even More Excitement

2017 BMW X4 M40i

BMW has decided to offer more performance on the BMW X4 just when it seemed that things could not get out of control.

The BMW X4 is seen as a vehicle that does not belong to any specific category. It is not an SUV and may certainly struggle with tough off-road conditions; it is not a low-slung sports car; yet, it can go around corners with amazing agility. The BMW X4 is a sized down version of the BMW X6, which many saw as pointless from the word go. However, the X6 has been known as the bestselling models in BMW’s line-up.

Up until now, the BMW X4 existed in two versions – a four-cylinder X4 28i which was overshadowed by the larger X4 35i with six cylinders. The former started at $47350 while the latter was slightly more expensive at $56,000. BMW has offered the X4 in the M40i trip to take things to a new level. Priced at $59,700, the M40i is capable of some serious numbers in terms of performance.

The X4 28i is capable of a 0 to 60 timing of 6.4 seconds, which is respectable. The X4 35i manages to bring it down to 5.5 seconds. The M40i manages the same in just 4.9 seconds – the figure required by some of the recent sports cars. The basics of the X4 M40i are taken from the X4 35i. It features the same six-cylinder engine, but power is now increased by 55 bhp while torque has been increased by 43 lb-ft. Hence, the X4 M40i makes a healthy 355 bhp and produces its 343 lb-ft. of torque from just 1350 rpm.BMW X4 M40i The biggest differences, though, will not be appreciated in the performance department. Instead, the X4 M40i looks just better than any other X4 out there today. This is due to the introduction of several kits from the M division on the vehicle. The M leather-wrapped steering wheel, sport seats, door sills with “X4 M40i” badging, and optional 20-inch wheels. Aspects like the M gear lever have been omitted, while the reduced use of carbon fiber in the interior will be a let-down.

The vehicle is available only with the eight speed automatic transmission from ZF, which is seen in several models from the German giant. Looks and not performance justifies the additional $4000 that one will spend on the BMW X4 M40i.

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