2016 Samsung Galaxy A5 Receives Critical Fix Once More – This Time a Quickie Update

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5, released in January 2016, is experiencing a new patch from the company for a critical flaw.

Another Fix

Samsung had released the A5 back in January this year. Earlier, the device had gone through a serious security flaw, the nature of which remains undisclosed. The flaw was discovered and the company quickly put a patch in place patch last month, in November 2016. It seems that there is another critical flaw now, which is to receive a patch.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Security Reasons

The new update is a 128 megabyte one and does not have any security patch and any other features. It is expected that all the A devices will soon be getting the Android 7.0 Nougat update very soon. The new update is specifically targeted to fix a particular critical flaw, but the company is being rather tight lipped about the same, probably for the sake of security reasons.

Light Fix

The patch is not very heavy and only weighs 128 megabytes. It seems obvious that the company has not packed in anything else for this update, apart from the fix for the critical bug or flaw. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is presently running on the Android Marshmallow, 6.0 version. This version probably contains some inherent security flaws in the system. It is possible that Samsung is sending this fix for some problem in Android or in TouchWiz. It could also be a fix for the deeper security concerns with the software of the A5.

The patch has begun to roll out for all the versions of the A5 2016 device. However, Samsung is not keen on giving out details regarding the flaw. There might be many devices that have not yet received the patch or who have not downloaded it as yet.


The previous update came along with the monthly security patch for Android, but the new one does not hae any security fix for December. The security level for the A5 devices continues to remain at November 1st. The fix weighs 128 MB and comes with the firmware version XXU3BPK7. It is already being rollout out to devices in Africa and in Europe, whereas other regions will also be covered soon.

Security Update?

It is possible that the update may not be related with security problems. It could be offered for any other reason, such as to block an exploit allowing the user to root the phone or to unlock its bootloader for installing customized firmware. The flaw could also be something as simple as a system related one causing problems for users. Whatever the issue, the fix should have reached all users of the A5 by now, so those owning a Samsung Galaxy A5 variant should try rebooting their phones if they are not able to see the fix.

Android Nougat Update

Android Nougat Update

On another note, the Android Nougat 7.0 version is available since August this year and users of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 are wondering about the update availability for their device. Samsung has not made any official announcement, but the A5 is a very popular one and Samsung will not risk annoying the users, especially after the debacle of the Note 7.

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