Xbox Project Scorpio Update, Features, Release Date and Price – What to Expect?

Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Project Scorpio was announced in June 2016 and is slated for an end of 2017 release sometime around the holiday season.

The delay is being attributed to production cost. In an interview with Levelup, Phil Spencer who leads Microsoft’s Xbox team made it clear that this console is not going to be a cheap deal. Rather, this Xbox offering is undoubtedly going to be one of the higher end models and targets solely premium gamers. Needless to say, gamers will have to shell out a hefty amount to own this Project Scorpio. However, Microsoft is yet to reveal the actual price it is putting up for the latest Xbox although there are rumors of the cost being close to or half of a thousand dollars. If this proves to be true, it will be far more expensive deal than its counterparts like PlayStation 4 Pro and other consoles in the Xbox series. According to a Value Walk report, Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft once stated that this project from the team will prove to be the most powerful gaming console that gamers have witnessed so far. It is also said to be five times more powerful than its big brother Xbox One that is available in the market today.This upcoming console also shows indications of enhancing the most recent evolution in TVs.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Key features of Xbox Project Scorpio

Xbox One Project Scorpio is not being developed as a successor of the well-received Xbox One. It is just a high-end model of the current Xbox console that is being designed to make the user experience much better than it is currently now. Setup is also not going to be a very complicated state of affairs.

Supporting Phil Spencer’s statements, a spokesman speaking on behalf of Microsoft stated that Scorpio will two render support for true 4K resolution. While this can mean that gamers can expect to have to compromise on some gaming features, it is strongly believed that the Xbox Project Scorpio will function like a high-end gaming PC that is integrated into a console. Also, in some ways, the Microsoft console is known to prove itself more powerful than Sony’s very own PlayStation 4 Pro.  This is specifically true in two pivotal areas – graphical power and memory.

In terms of graphical power, the graphical processor of the Scorpio is designed with 43 percent more power that makes the console just as faster. The PS4 Pro has GPU with graphical power of 4.2 teraflops, whereas the Project Scorpio elevates this to a higher level with six teraflops graphical power supported by an eight core GPU. Another striking area where the Scorpio scores over the Pro is in its memory bandwith. According to a PC Advisor listing, Project Scorpio is bound to have 320GB bandwidth whilst the PS4 Pro accounts for 218GB memory bandwidth.Furthermore, Peter Nagy, CEO of Games Farm highlighted to Gaming Bolt that this mammoth console renders visual details at a frequency of 60Hz resulting in a premium display and smoother gaming experience. He also stated that the console did not rely only on its GPU for its full power.All in all, the lags commonly experienced when the console is connected to a TV to play the game on the TV screen are eliminated.Trusted Reviews mentions that this will be the ideal gaming console for big television sets with 4K UHD displays. In a nutshell, all these factors contribute to the hefty price tag that is very likely to be associated with the Scorpio.

Similarity with PlayStation 4 Pro

Both gaming consoles have a point of similarity as well. They will come integrated with full-fledged virtual reality compatibility. This means that the Xbox Project Scorpio will come along with a high-fidelity VR headset. Yet, this is not going to be considered as the key feature of the forthcoming Microsoft console.There are talks that the Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro are just turbocharged versions of their predecessors Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively. Therefore, some people feel that it would have been more appropriate to call the Microsoft gaming console as Xbox One Pro.

Games compatible with Xbox Project Scorpio

Xbox One & Xbox 360

Gamers can expect to play all presently existing Xbox One and Xbox 360 games with Project Scorpio. This console can also be used in conjunction with all Xbox peripherals. Thus, quite a few Xbox One games are likely to be compatible with Project Scorpio. A noteworthy point is that these Xbox One games are bound to not only look different but also perform better when they are played on Scorpio due to appropriate scaling. Some Xbox One S HDR games will also be compatible with Project Scorpio. The list includes Gears of War 4, Final Fantasy XV, Pure Chess Ultra, World of Tanks, NBA 2K17, Halo 5: Guardians and Hitman to mention just a few. The Halo game, for instance, is scaled to better resolutions while the frame rates are not affected in any way. Crackdown 3 is an upcoming game targeted for release around the same time as the console and is said to be a compatible game.

The high pricing is not likely to cause the sales of the Xbox Project Scorpio to be affected. This is because Microsoft promises its fans of a brilliant performance resulting in superior gaming performance.

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