2017 BMW 2 Series Facelift Likely to Focus on Headlights and Taillights Only

BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 series came to the markets back in 2013, and it will be turning four very soon.

It is usually the time when BMW concept with facelifts in order to introduce energy back into the models. It seems to be no different in the case of the BMW 2 series, as it is rumored that the car will receive a facelift in 2017. The 2017 facelift will not only cover the BMW 2 series but also the BMW M2. The company only recently came out with the BMW 1-series sedan, which is now the cheapest BMW available in the market.

BMW 2 Series

Even though a facelift is on the cards, it is highly unlikely that major changes will be made to the exterior or interior design of the vehicle. This is because BMW are thought to be extremely happy with the car as of now and the same goes for the clients too. One of the big areas where changes are likely to be seen quite drastically is in the front and rear of the vehicle. Specifically, the taillights and the headlights will be altered quite heavily in order to bring them in line with the latest design trend at BMW.

It is also quite possible that BMW may bring a number of tech innovations in terms of lighting like laser lights on the BMW 2 series, but it is largely set to be reserved only for the BMW M2. As one of the cheapest models are available from the company, the BMW 2 series may not get some of the high tech gadgetry.

Powertrain is one area where there are not expected to be much changes apart from a few efficiency tweaks. The engines are likely to be upgraded to the B48 and B47 units, in line with the other BMW models in the line-up. Power output will go up slightly with the BMW 220i managing 192 bhp – the same as the Mini Cooper S – while the BMW 225d will now possess 231 bhp, which would be an 8 bhp improvement over the predecessor.

The BMW M2 continues to remain as one of the best M cars are available from the company’s line-up. It is set to continue with the same N55 engine considering that the German luxury carmaker has not come with updates to the M car’s engine lineups in recent years. It will all change only when the LCI comes out. However, it is expected that the N55 will be tweaked in order to provide a slightly more power and fuel efficiency on the new model.

BMW M2 2016

The powertrain on the BMW M2 continues to remain as one of the surprising elements. It is the only M car not to have a proper BMW Motorsport engine on-board. Instead, it is a heavily modified version of the normal powertrain that is available in the rest of the BMW range. Yet, it continues to make the BMW M2 as one of the finest M cars around.

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