Nissan Expands X-Trail Lineup with Powerful Diesel Engine Variant

Nissan X-Trail SUV

Nissan is planning to compete with large, family SUVs that are preferred by buyers across the globe.

They are expanding the X-Trail lineup by adding a more powerful diesel engine variant.

Nissan X-Trail

The budget conscious buyers are always interested in the best of fuel efficiency that continues to urge automakers to make diesel cars. A huge section of the market is moving towards hybrids and full electric models whereas the conventional petrol and diesel cars continue to stay relevant. The Nissan X-Trail new edition is powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine model which can easily deliver up to 175 horsepower.

The new powertrain variant is already available in other regions but this one has been upgraded to meet the requirements set by Euro 6. It allows Nissan to launch the large SUV in the European market. According to James Wright, President of Nissan Europe East, the model will offer a much richer experience for their buyers than the current lineup. Buyers are much demanding, commented Wright. Based on statistics, he said that the top of the line Tekna grade X-Trails witnessed the most sales.

Tekna grade models are more expensive than the entry level models and has an all-wheel drive system with an average pricing of £30,000. With such patronage from customers, the automobile brand is excited to expand their engine options with a more powerful, top of the line model to boost sales further. People love to spend on power packed cars and Nissan will offer the same. The new engine is mated to a six speed manual transmission which can be upgraded to a CVT automatic gearbox. The CVT edition can either have a two wheel or a four wheel drive based on what you want.

Nissan X-Trail SUV

On the inside, all the features that are found in the 1.6-liter diesel edition of the Nissan X-Trail can be found. It includes a ready to access infotainment system with a large touchscreen setup and comfortable seats to accommodate all passengers on board. Being a fuel efficient choice, Nissan expects the model to sell much better than the Tekna grade versions. Pricing for the car is at £29,095 and it will be available in dealership stores in the first quarter of 2017. People who pre-order will receive the deliveries first before new orders are undertaken. More technical specifications of the large SUV will be released in the following months before launch.

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