2017 BMW M5 May Get All-Wheel Drive for the First Time

BMW recently introduced 2017 BMW 5-series at the Paris motor show to positive and negative reviews.

Since the design of the current generation manages to separate itself from the BMW 3-series and the BMW 7-series, it managed to create a niche for itself. However, the same cannot be said of the upcoming car since it looks very similar to the rest of the BMW lineup. BMW has certainly not concentrating much on the design. They have instead focused on elements like introducing a lot of connectivity options and autonomous driving features.

2017 bmw m5

Focusing on these elements have resulted in the engine options remaining largely similar apart from the introduction of a plug-in hybrid version, which reportedly consumes only 2 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers and emits only 46 g of CO2 per km. One of the most awaited elements of the 2017 BMW 5-series in terms of engine options has been the M5 variant. Regarded as the pinnacle of the BMW motorsport division, the M5 is a hugely popular variant in the history of the vehicle. The F30 BMW M5 created a major division by opting for turbochargers for the first time. This resulted in the engine being downsized from a V10 to a V8.

The 2017 BMW 5-series with the M5 badging brings a new surprise to stores. It is likely to be the first BMW M5 with all-wheel drive. This will enormously change the character of the vehicle, which has always been rear wheel driven. BMW M division CEO Frank van Meel recently claimed that the all-wheel drive version of the M5 was going to be inevitable and the 2017 BMW M5 may kick start this new era. Unlike the RS variants from Audi, the 2017 BMW M5 may not adopt a 60:40 distribution. Instead, it is quite feasible that the vehicle will use an 80:20 distribution. It would make it feel almost completely similar to the current generation model in most scenarios while offering increased grip under wetter conditions.
2017 bmw m5

Mercedes AMG also has a lot of all-wheel drive models in its lineup. Hence, it makes sense for BMW to tap into this market. Hard-core fans of the BMW M division may be disappointed by this move. There will still be options for those looking to get a M car with rear wheel drive. Apart from the changes to the drivetrain, the 2017 BMW M5 is not expected to change the powertrain much.

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