Google Pixel Stripped Down by iFixit Teardown Bench – Ripping Things to See How it Works

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel finds its way to the iFixit bench for a teardown. The iFixit site gutted the Pixel XL. In many respects, it is a well-assembled phone.

OLED Panel and Removability

The result of the gutting by iFixit of Google’s Pixel XL device was not too surprising.  While disassembling the $750 Pixel phone, the site noted that the OLED panel came off from its digitizer glass too easily, which is not very satisfactory. This was found when the site tried to separate the OLED panel made by Samsung. The components are very thin and due to the lack of frame and bezel, it is easy to remove.

The panel and glass are not bonded, so the broken glass can be replaced easily, without investing in a costly OLED.

Google Pixel XL

Beneath the Display

iFixit has detected  a mid frame of magnesium that is both slim and flexible, beneath the display. Most of components are buried in this mid frame, where you can find the HTC battery. This is the only place where you can find the name of the actual manufacturer of the Pixel. The RAM and storage, provided by Samsung, is also seen here. The Pixel makes use of the USB PD, but it still has a Qualcomm, Quick Charge, 3.0 chipset, though it is not compatible with the QC 3.0.

The Pros

With respect to its repair-ability, iFixit has given it a 6 on 10. Most of the modular components of the phone are easily replaceable. The battery can be removed easily and the screw size is single. However, the display is very fragile and the mid frame is the clip in type, which could slow down the repairs. The Google Pixel phone does have several modular parts, so theoretically speaking, it should be easy to repair.

Easily Replaceable

iFixit has found that the 8 MP front camera, its microphone and  its USB C port could be easily removed, so this makes it easy and also cheap for replacing in case of some problem. The battery has a removal tab, for easy replacement.

However, iFixit only gives it a 6 on 10 for repairing, as it comes with a display assembly that is rather thin and not well supported. The display assembly ne has to be opened first and if this is not done properly, it could cause some damage to the device.

google pixel xl

No Evidence of HTC

Though HTC has assembled the phone, there is not much evidence of the company ‘s input, in the design of the Pixel. Google has done it on its own by using the component parts from Samsung and Qualcomm, among others. The battery is the only part that shows evidence of HTC participation. The battery is 13.28 Wh and this is bigger than the one on the iPhone 7 Plus, which is 11.1 Wh. However, it is smaller when compared to the now aborted Galaxy Note 7, which is 13.48 W.

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