2017 BMW X3 and M Performance Model Revealed in Leaked Spy Shots

2017 BMW X3 M Performance

The upcoming 2017 BMW X3 and M Performance models were revealed in leaked spy shots.

The third generation model is spotted for another time and we get to know more about its looks besides some striking exterior changes.

2017 BMW X3 M Performance
Image Source:Autocar.co.uk

The most prominent changes include muscular bumpers on the front, twin exhausts combined with large roof spoiler. The car is camouflaged as the company is still experimenting with the concept model to finalize the production design. The one that has been captured in spy photos now was spotted wearing a M performance exterior package that made it look more aggressive. Compared to the outgoing model, the third generation car looks like a facelifted version.

From the spy photographs, we can see that it sports long rear doors, has a new glass house and the length of the rear quarter windows is increased. With all these changes, the designers obviously have to increase the wheelbase of the model. The outgoing version measures about 2810mm and the newer one could probably spot an increased wheelbase to accommodate the longer body.

Within BMW’s production department, the X3 with the M performance package is identified as the G01. Inside sources confirmed that the car will feature much bigger cabin made possible by the revised wheelbase and also sport an improved infotainment system. Large cars often accommodate more passengers than usual and it is important to keep them entertained on the go. The car will be equipped with the BMW iDrive system.

The 2017 BMW X3 is expected to compete against the Audi A5. Based on the spy shots, it looks like the rear end of the model is raked and the designers may be trying to increase the cargo capacity of the car. It will allow BMW to compete with the Audi offering as buyers not only demand increased performance but also expect increased legroom and luggage capacity. The upcoming SUV is built on top of a high strength steel platform with a double wishbone suspension setup.

2017 BMW X3 M Spy Shots
Image Source:Autocar.co.uk

BMW has planned to introduce a hybrid version of the model besides the conventional petrol and diesel engines. They have stated that the SUV will sport best safety systems and connectivity options. Both four cylinder and six cylinder engine variants will be offered. The car will use a six speed manual gearbox system and specific trimlines will receive the option to upgrade to a nine speed automatic gearbox. The 2017 BMW X3 is expected to get launched in the second half of next year.

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