2017 Lexus IS Facelift Unveiled at Beijing Motor Show

2017 Lexus IS Facelift

The Beijing Motor Show 2016 saw the arrival of the facelifted Lexus IS.

The compact executive saloon was in need of some major improvements in order to keep the design fresh. The vehicle gets a number of alterations that is unlikely to see the UK shores before the end of this year. The Lexus IS is expected to be available in the UK in January 2017.

New headlights and changes to the front grille design have been the key elements to change on the new Lexus IS. This design changes also help Lexus bring together a family look across as models like the GS, RC, NX, and RX. The 17 inch alloys are standard on the vehicle. They enhance the rear quarter of the vehicle quite dramatically due to the use of L-shaped rear lights. Sportier features are offered on the F-Sport variant.

The biggest change on the inside of the Lexus IS is the 10.3-inch user interface. This screen is bigger than before and the user interface has been vastly revamped in order to make it easier for use.The dash has also been redesigned while stitching has been added around the dials. Minor tweaks like the addition of better cup holders tend to make the Lexus IS perfect and primed for launch.

2017 Lexus

As far as safety and tech is concerned, the Lexus IS boasts of every conceivable feature like radar guided cruise control, lane departure warning, pre-collision warning, and auto high beam make it a relaxing car to own and drive. Just like the RC Coupe, the Lexus IS comes with two options of internal storage. The petrol engines are available in 2 L and 2.5 L formats. The Lexus hybrid IS comes with an added 300 HP electric motor, which provides instant torque.

Due to the combined electric engine, these models have 220 HP or 240 HP of power respectively. The range topping RC F variant comes with 470 bhp on taps. A model with a V8 engine could later come in the disguise of the racy IS F model.

Lexus has certainly taken a lot of cues from models like the Lexus LFA. It is possible to buy the Lexus IS with automatic or manual transmissions. In order to improve ease-of-use, the joystick now has shortcut buttons to quickly jump to a menu.

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