2017 Toyota C-HR Gets Ready US Launch through LA Auto Show 2016

Toyota C-HR LA Auto Show 2016

One of the most awaited elements from Toyota continues to be its offering with regard to the subcompact crossover segment.

The Japanese car maker is all set to announce an offering in this segment at the 2016 LA auto show. Making its debut at this event will be the 2017 Toyota C-HR, of which little has been known so far. The lack of information has also raised the curiosity with regard to the vehicle, which has already been made available in European markets.

2017 Toyota C-HR

The 2017 Toyota C-HR details are expected to be kept at a bare minimum going into the event, but it is clear that the vehicle may not be as similar to the European spec model. In Europe, the Toyota C-HR is sold with elements like the manual transmission, which simply will not make its way into the US markets. Instead, buyers can hope for an eight speed automatic transmission, which may be highly unlikely, or the continuously variable transmission (CVT). Considering Toyota’s expertise in the latter, the CVT transmission is most likely to be featured on the Toyota C-HR.

Even though the CVT gearbox is known for suiting sedate drivers, the 2017 Toyota C-HR is likely to present itself as an attractive option for youngsters who like to drive. The vehicle will be coming with a turbocharged motor capable of delivering 133 bhp. For those looking for more power out of the vehicle, a hybrid option is likely to be offered as well. The power output may seem rather low for a 2.0 liter Japanese motor with turbochargers.

In terms of design alone, the 2017 Toyota C-HR is expected to be quiet style oriented at least based on the teaser images given out by the Japanese car maker. Along with sweeping curves in the taillights, the vehicle may very well come with little LEDs than the European spec model. This seems to have been an obvious omission in order to keep prices low. Considering the immense success of the SUV and compact crossover segment in the last couple of years, the 2017 Toyota C-HR cannot arrive at a better time for Toyota.

Toyota C-HR LA Auto Show 2016

The vehicle will be going up against the likes of the Honda Civic Si, 2017 Mazda CX-5, and the first SUV from Alfa Romeo. Toyota has been a clear transmission to more youth oriented cars with the likes of the Toyota 86 making an impact already. The sportiness of the 2017 Toyota C-HR will be a key element to watch.

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