Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy Note Edge Receive Security Updates and Bug Fixes

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has started providing the October security updates – even though it is the start of November – to the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The South Korean company, which has been recently hit hard with various reliability issues, claims that the new update primarily brings improvements to the device security along with a few improvements in other regards. As of now, the update is available only in parts of North America and major parts of Europe. It may take a while before these over the air updates are available to the user.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The size of the update is around 350 MB and should not take long on a fast Wi-Fi connection. Considering the size of the update, it is recommended that users opt for a Wi-Fi connection rather than mobile data in order to prevent incurring significant charges.

It is clear that the update is primarily to add the latest security patches from android. However, Samsung has also tweaked several aspects of the devices. Users can expect a marginal improvement in battery life; the improvement is primarily made as a result of better management of memory. There have also been several bug fixes along the way.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 line-up of smartphones have been one of the most crucial for the South Korean company, as they embarked on the new design philosophy following the intense criticism received with the Samsung Galaxy S5. One of the major changes was in the design department with the company’s adoption to premium materials being marked with this phone. In terms of specifications, the device was an improvement over the Galaxy S5 in terms of aspects like display, performance, and camera quality.

Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge

The company also introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as a look into the future. After the successful launch of the Galaxy Note Edge, which was Samsung’s first smartphone with a curved display, the company persisted with models like the Galaxy S6 Edge.

On a positive note, users will find it extremely pleasing that Samsung is still continuing with support for the Galaxy Note Edge, which is almost 2 years old. Even though the phone continues to receive the security updates and a few bug fixes, it will not be part of the phones that would receive the Android Nougat update. Even two years after its launch, the phone feels a strong contender for top end devices with his snapdragon 805 processors along with 3 GB of RAM.

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