2017 Volkswagen Golf Facelift is Scheduled to Launch Today

2017 Volkswagen Golf

The 2017 Volkswagen Golf, a facelifted version of the popular hatchback is about to get launched.

The auto brand announced that they will reveal it in an event to be held today.

2017 Volkswagen Golf

The event is about to be live streamed during which the facelifted version of the new Golf will be shown for the first time. It is speculated to sport a major update that VW believes will be embraced by their audience. If you are really interested in the launch event, you can watch them livestream it on Volkswagen website and their supported media groups. According to their statement, the company would change the style by a good quotient while adding a lot of technical upgrades to keep up with their rivals.

An exclusive image was released by the company that gave us a glimpse of what to expect in the car. The 2107 Golf boasts of stylish LED headlamps which are mounted on a fully revamped front and rear end. While the hatchback is already sleek in its overall appearance, some minor tinkering has been made to make some modifications to the corners. An entire lineup will be offered by Volkswagen to make the Golf a right fit for varying buyer requirements. It is set to be sold as GTI, GTE, GTD and R variants each with its own set of features and components.

One of the prominent features that people would appreciate is the gesture control technology, integrated into the 2017 Volkswagen Golf for the first time. The information was confirmed by Dr. Heinz Jakob, head of powertrain development at VW.  With the help of the new system, users no longer has to use buttons to perform specific actions. Besides, the infotainment system will be split into three different digital displays and there will be five sensors mounted in the car to identify passengers’ gestures.

The biggest of them all, will be the 9.5-inch colour touchscreen display in the primary dashboard. Such large displays are unheard of in the past but a couple of new cars, even smaller ones choose to have them for the convenience of their passengers. There will also be an 8-inch screen instead of the conventional instrument cluster. It can be used to control the sunroof, the temperature and media volume.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Interior

Volkswagen confirmed that the 2017 Golf aims to be a convenient car with buttonless design and most actions can be done with gestures while the rest by using the touchscreen displays. There won’t be any major change in the powertrains being offered as it will be the same as the 2016 edition.

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