OnePlus Confirms OnePlus 3T Coming on November 15

OnePlus 3T Launch

OnePlus have confirmed that the upcoming OnePlus 3T will be launched on November 15.

Recently, Qualcomm hinted at the upcoming device with a snapdragon 821 processor. It has been heavily rumored in the last few weeks that OnePlus was working on an additional variant of the OnePlus 3, which has been hugely successful, in order to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s absence. Initially, it was thought that the lack of AMOLED panels coming in large numbers was thought to be the reason behind this switch.

OnePlus 3T Coming on Nov 15

OnePlus, however, have confirmed that they plan to build their phones around the AMOLED panels for the foreseeable future. The reasons for their OnePlus 3T are unclear just yet, but it will be sold on November 15. The phone is expected to come with the snapdragon 821 processor as confirmed by Qualcomm. Other elements of the phone, though, remain shady with reports of a 6 inch display or even the same 5.5-inch screen offering more resolution filtering through a sea of rumors.

The launch of a 6-inch screen on the OnePlus 3T would be a massive step up from the 5.5 inch display on the OnePlus 3. One of the few criticisms of this display on the OnePlus 3 is the lack of a headline resolution like 2K or 4K. The screen continues to offer only full HD, but it remains more than sufficient with a very high pixel density of 440 PPI. The OnePlus 3 has an extremely fast charging solution which can get the battery into the 60% levels within just 30 minutes. However, the overall battery capacity of just 3000 mAh may not be suitable for a phone with 5.5 inch display.

OnePlus Confirms OnePlus 3T

Considering that the OnePlus 3T may come with an even bigger display, it is not surprising that the phone is rumored to have a 3300 mAh battery. This would represent a 10% increase over the OnePlus 3’s battery, which would make users expect around four hours of screen time. Even then, it may not be the best in terms of endurance but OnePlus 3T is more than expected to make up for it by having an even better version of dash charging. Furthermore, 128 GB of storage is expected to be available as an option, but the user will have to pay an additional $80 for this new phone. The upcoming OnePlus 3T is expected to retail at $480.

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