2018 Ford F-150 Refreshing Winning Formula with Diesel Version, Upgraded Engine and Styling

2018 Ford F 150

Ford’s biggest news at the Detroit show 2017, was the 2018 Ford F-150 with improvements of updated engine and styling.

The truck looks more refined and offers a clean appearance, when compared to the debut version of 2015.

2018 Ford F-150

Refresh to Winning Formula

The 2018 Ford F 150 gets a refresh to its winning formula with the option of a light duty, diesel engine. All engine offerings will be updated and there will be 7 new grille options.

Beginning with Grilles

This is what most fans will notice first. The new designs mostly consist of two bar style stretching across the front of the truck, offering a wider look. Some of the new designs, however, also come with an open layout, with one being above the Limited trim filling up the space using chrome latticework. The grilles are used as a means of differentiating between the various models with different styling and they are successful in achieving this result.

Other Design Changes

The lights on the 2018 Ford F 150 have also been reshaped with the end reaching more towards the truck center. The rear of the truck also gets new lighting features, though the changes here are rather subtle. The element’s upper portion and its lower portion are not one piece any more, but have a split between them. The tailgate has been changed and comes in two types. There is a trapezoid appearance for the lower trims, having the F 150 embossed on the lower part. However, there is no embossing on the King Ranch or the Platinum and the Limited trucks, being replaced with fancy looking applique on the upper part of its tailgate.

However, it seems that the omission of this embossing on the trucks was a decision made later on. This is because some earlier renders of the truck at the Ford HQ had these embossing. According to the chief designer of F 150, the stamped name along with the shiny trimmings seemed too much.

Light Duty Diesel Version

This is a long awaited version, with the light duty, turbo diesel V6 available for the 2018 Ford F 150. However, you will need to wait some time more for it. The 3.0 liter diesel developed by Ford will only come during the summer of 2018, whereas the other revamped F 150 trucks will be available for purchasing during the fall of 2017.

More Power

The 2.7 liter, EcoBoost V6 is another to get updates for producing more power. There is also a feature for economizing fuel use, as it is being paired with the 10 speed automatic. The 5.0 literV8 is moving to the new spray bore cylinder liner, thereby reducing the weight and offering other improvements in efficiency.


Improvement in Tech Features

The new F 150 for 2018 will also see upgrading in techie features. The cruise control is being upgraded to a status of stop and go, meaning that the truck can be completely stopped and the then picked up from that point, instead of shutting down the cruise while slowing down.

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