2018 Ford Mustang Coupe Caught Testing on the Roads

2018 Ford Mustang Coupe

The 2018 Ford Mustang coupe was caught in the wild, testing on the roads and it was obviously heavily camouflaged to ensure the design aspects don’t get leaked before the official reveal.

The S550 Ford Mustang badly requires a mid-cycle refresh and the brand is ready to offer what their customers demand. The camouflaged prototype suggests that they are going for a hard refresh in 2018 so as to make the car competent with other models in the offering. The spy photographers have managed to capture the new Mustang which is expected to be available both as a coupe and a convertible variant.

2018 Ford Mustang Coupe

While the camouflage ensures we can see very little of the car, it is evident that the front fascia has undergone some changes. We expected that it will feature brand new headlights coupled with LED rings adding splendor to the overall style quotient. It is difficult to spot but if you look closely in between the camo, it is possible to spot the new headlights and the rear end may have undergone similar modifications as well. However, the team has ensured they are fully covered to avoid any leaks.

A couple of revisions is what the 2018 Ford Mustang coupe will go with. In terms of performance, power will be rendered by a similar engine but with tweaked components to offer increased acceleration and horsepower. The powertrain will be mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission system. The technology is developed by Ford in association with the General Motors R&D division.

In recent times, overall sales of Ford Mustang cars have gone down and haven’t touched the expected numbers since. Dealership stores which exclusively deal with Ford cars and those that promote Mustangs on a regular basis are looking forward to a refreshed lineup. They are integral in pushing sales further and injecting a new lease of life into sales.

Ford Mustang Coupe Testing

The 2018 Ford Mustang coupe and the convertible models may not take long before they are launched in stores. It is speculated that the models will be available in stores by the mid of 2017. We have a couple of auto expos to attend once the year begins and Ford might choose to showcase the car at one of these events. When they do so, the car’s design aspects can be spotted without any camouflage on top of it. For now, you can see the covered version of the prototype model in action.

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