2018 Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe Spotted, Minor Changes Expected

2018 Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe

Whenever Mercedes and AMG come together, the team delivers the hottest and fastest models in the market.

They have always pushed the boundaries of their cars. The latest model to get a facelifted edition is the C 63 Coupe which directly rivals the BMW M4.

Being a test mule, the 2018 Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe spotted in the wild is heavily camouflaged and it doesn’t provide too much details about the external changes. However, it is known that the team will make changes so as to distinguish the current model from the outgoing edition. Some visible modifications include the two bar horizontal grille front design combined with all new air intakes and a rear bumper. The car now uses LED headlights which should increase its overall appeal and visibility in the road.

Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe

Some minor changes are spotted in the interiors of the model including a slightly altered dashboard and an instrument panel. The technology used in the car will obviously receive some great improvements as Mercedes like every other automobile brand is moving towards autonomous driving. The user interface used in the car is very much the same as the one already being used in the S-Class and the E-Class models. It is also being speculated that the manufacturer will allow buyers to have more color choices to pick from combined with minor trim upgrades and material choices.

The powertrain used in the 2018 Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe is a 2.0-liter diesel engine which will also be used in the 2018 C-Class models but it will also have a more potent variant. The particular high performance model will use a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine capable of producing an amazing 469 horsepower which goes much higher up to 503 horsepower with the S edition. The chassis may undergo some changes as well which is not evident at this point.

2018 Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe

The test mule spotted is camouflaged to know more details but when they unveil it at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it will be easy to know the technical specification s of the car and the exterior changes that will be deployed to make the 2018 Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe standout from the rest of the models. The car is expected to be priced at £63,000 or slightly higher. Mercedes AMG models are known for this performance driven approach and the upcoming car will be no different from their previous ventures that created some of the best of the lot.