WhatsApp Live Location Sharing on Android Version 2.17.192 Gets New UI, Privacy Settings

The latest WhatsApp Android version 2.17.192 is under development in which the developers are about to roll out a couple of new UI improvements to make live location sharing easy.

If you have been expecting to use the recall feature on iOS or Android, you should probably wait some more days before the feature is confirmed and rolled out officially on all platforms. The developer team behind WhatsApp is simultaneously working to bring the live location sharing to all users. Privacy concerns are pretty high over this particular addition which is why they have to make sure it is easy to use and provides all the controls an average user would expect.

WhatsApp Live Location Sharing

A couple of screenshots have emerged online that showcased how the live location sharing window would look like. It carries forward the green design aesthetics associated with WhatsApp since a long time and it also notifies you the number of people with whom your location is being shared. The idea is neat and pretty convenient especially when you want your friend to find you in a busy street or let your family know that you are safe while being out in a new city or country.

Based on the screenshot, once you tap on the sharing, it will display a message stating that you are sharing live location with a couple of options below. It includes a mute button, custom notifications to customize the notifications as you would need and the default encryption which is applicable through all WhatsApp text, gif and video sharing. It ensures that you are private and no third party can simply peek into your location that could create a lot of unwarranted problems.

WhatsApp Live Location

In another window, there is a single red button that says stop sharing and when you click on it your information which is being provided to the particular person will immediately be ceased. The privacy settings seem to be good enough for users to rely on the app for their sharing needs. More tweaks are expected to be done to WhatsApp on Android 2.17.192 before a worldwide roll out.

Meanwhile, the developers are going to bring WhatsApp as an app to the Windows Live Store so that you could use in Windows 10 in the Metro UI interface. So far, it has not been an universal app but it will soon be once it is available on the store.