2018 Mercedes Benz CLS Spy Photos Emerge for the First Time

2018 Mercedes Benz CLS

The 2018 Mercedes Benz CLS has been caught on camera for the first time before the official reveal.

The spy photographs give us a glimpse on the design of the car and things to expect from the upcoming four door coupe.

As it usually with most spy photos, the car is heavily camouflaged. The front end of the model is fully covered and it is expected that Mercedes has completely overhauled the front with smart, sleek LED headlights combined with a brand new grille design. It features a long bonnet that seamlessly runs to end in the flat front end. The beltline in the car is now taller and there is a smooth curved finish to the roofline as well as the backside of the CLS. Car manufacturers do use a lot of additional components to keep their original design hidden and this could possibly be a decoy.

2018 Mercedes Benz CLS

Mercedes Benz CLS is going with brand new taillights, a change that is expected to set the car apart from the rest. The newer ones are horizontal in shape and is being modified so that it falls right in line with the S-Class coupe. Technically details with regards to the model are obviously sparse but based on the way the engineers have opted to borrow the design, the CLS may share the platform, powertrain but in a much bigger package with comfortable headroom.

There is a speculation that it will not be known as the CLS but rather the CLE because of the similarities the car will share with the Mercedes Benz E-Class models. The original CLS was launched in the year 2005 and has been going strong in the lineup for more than a decade now. The model is known for its sleek, stylish looks. The facelifted edition came out in 2011 because Mercedes released another model in 2014. The four door model has had revisions made in the past but may soon look more like other classes than a standalone edition.

Mercedes Benz CLS

The auto brand is expected to officially launch the 2018 Mercedes Benz CLS before the end of 2017. If they are going to reveal it, the company will pick an auto show that takes place in the second half of next year. However, it won’t find its way to dealership stores until 2018. Mercedes models witnessed ups and downs which has prompted the company to revise their entire lineup so that they are geared up for future.

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