Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro Spotted, Launch Date Closer

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro

Sometime back in September, it emerged that Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and Galaxy C7 Pro were in the making, but no official word has come from the Korean tech giant.

While since then the larger Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro has been spotted on India’s import and export website Zauba, there was no word on the progress of the smaller Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro. But like its counterpart, the Galaxy C5 Pro has now appeared on the same Zauba website.

The fact that Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro has been spotted heading to India doesn’t mean that it is ready for purchase. However, the shipped variant is meant for testing purposes, meaning the phone’s launch is somewhere around the corner. The phone will carry model number SM-C5010, but unfortunately, this is all the Zauba report has.

As far as the price is concerned, the test unit of Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro came in at Rs 20,483, which translates to a slightly under $300. Keep in mind that this price is not for the final version, but for the test unit. As a result, expect the end product to be priced well above the $300 mark, probably somewhere around $400.

It has been hinted that Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro will carry a Snapdragon 626 processor and at the same time, tipsters are adamant that the smaller Galaxy C5 Pro will ship with Snapdragon 625 SoC. If all goes according to the speculations, the two phones should be unveiled this coming month of December, but there is still no specific date.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) vs Galaxy C5

Samsung debuted the Galaxy C series this year and ever since the original Galaxy C5 and C7 were unveiled, the tech giant has added a Galaxy C9 Pro, the company’s first 6GB RAM phone. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 Pro will be the first time the series is refreshed.

Initially, it was thought that the Galaxy C series will concentrate on the Chinese market. However, this changed recently when the larger Galaxy C7 made its debut in the U.S. Whether the rumored Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 Pro will make it to the country is still unknown, but we should know very soon.

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