2018 Nissan Leaf with ProPilot Autonomous Tech Coming in September

Nissan Leaf -2018

The automobile manufacturer has officially confirmed that the 2018 Nissan Leaf is going to be out soon and when it does, it will usher in a new era of autonomous technology made possible by the ProPilot system incorporated in it.

The Leaf has been one of the most successful electric cars and Nissan is going to further expand on its popularity by launching the second generation model. The EV will be officially launched on 6th September which is just two months to go. The new model gains such popularity not only because of its electric motor and mile range but primarily because of its autonomous capabilities. It is embedded with autonomous driving functions, automated parking systems which are all part of the ProPilot technology that Nissan has been developing for a while now.

22018 Nissan Leaf with ProPilot

When equipped with the latest version of the ProPilot setup, the 2018 Nissan Leaf provides drivers multiple assists that they can rely on and is semi-autonomous making it easy to drive the car in highways. The actual automatic driving cars may take another decade to be fully implemented in different countries but by 2020, most automobile manufacturers aim to achieve Level 4 autonomous driving and this is another step towards achieving the goal. The setup controls the steering, acceleration and braking so that the driver has to do very little action while on the move.

Nissan promises that the future versions of the Leaf and their Pro Pilot technology will gradually increase the level of autonomy it is capable of offering. Allowing the car to actually drive in congested cities is such a challenge for the engineering team as it requires multiple sensors to be in place, and cars have to communicate with one another in order to avoid a collision. All top brands have to come together and they are already working on such partnerships that will allow the automobiles to share data.

2018 Nissan Leaf

A new teaser image of the 2018 Nissan Leaf has been released online which showcases a brand new digital instrument cluster. The cabin was earlier shown in a set of leaked spy shots and the newest one confirms that many of the expected features will be found in the model when it gets launched in the month of September. The technical specifications isn’t much as it is a full EV and focuses more on automatic driving technology. The reveal will take place at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Image Credits : AutoExpress.co.uk

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