2018 Renault Clio Gets Radical Interior Design Change

2018 Renault Clio

Renault is working on a revolutionary new interior design for their cars. Laurens Van Den Acker, head of design said that he’s committed to revamping the interiors of the 2018 Clio which is set to arrive in stores by 2018.

The design head confirmed that the brand has couple of cars lined up. The first will be out is the Koleos SUV followed by the 2018 Renault Clio along with the Megane Renault Sport. Both these models are slated for launch at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Van Den Acker said that they are going with some radical changes to be made to the interiors, to compete strongly against the Ford Fiesta.

Renault Clio

“Most customers are usually impressed by the exterior of the car. But, as soon as they take a look in the interior it turns them off. Brands focus on outlook but fail to deliver the same elite and stylish finish on the inside. We are going to change it for good with the new Clio and all the Renault range of cars,” he added.

The lead designer said that a brand should always focus on offering the best to their customers, be it on the outside or the inside should never matter. He did make a valid point and it will soon be implemented in the 2018 Renault Clio. The interiors are going to receive a huge jump with some exotic materials, components, better dashboard, connectivity and next generation connectivity technology that makes the Clio future proof.

Another important change that is about to be implemented with the 2018 Renault Clio and other small cars from the company is bringing the luxury tech to such models. Instead of reserving them to the expensive models, the auto brand plans to add them to lower end cars so that buyers from every segment can enjoy the posh interiors.

2018 Renault Clio

It has also been confirmed that the next generation Renault Clio will feature partial hybrid technology. A combination of a small electric motor powered by a battery with a petrol or diesel engine will be used to power the Clio. The setup will not make the car totally electric but it’s a step towards a fully electrified, autonomous future.

“We are providing electrification as an affordable and a fuel efficient option. It will provide a bump to the Clio from a customer perspective. Our aim is to make the car as a budget friendly option in every aspect,” said a company representative.

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