Counter Strike Global Offensive Bans Thousands of Cheaters at Once

Counter Strike Bans Thousands of Cheaters

Valve, developers of Counter Strike Global Offensive has come up with a strong reply to those cheaters who continued to plague the game by spoiling it for every gamer.

Games like CS Go and Dota 2 are always plagued by cheaters from around the globe. While MOBAs are usually difficult to use cheat codes, Counter Strike is much easier and usually has lots of people who use aim cheats, behind the wall codes and many more. Valve introduced a new live data mining program that can find cheaters instantly and ban them without any further delay.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

At the moment, Steam has blocked over 11,435 people and counting. The Valve Anti cheat system also known as VAC is working round the clock. With the new update, it has witnessed one of the biggest spikes in recent years. The mechanics used in the new VAC to find cheaters as they are using the codes has been revised from the scratch.

There are a lot of paid cheat programs being circulated on the web. Valve engineers have taken some drastic measures to bring those cheaters to limelight. They were the ones that usually escape the server restrictions and manage to cheat their way to victory. Some of these programs have been used in professional matches and local competitive tournaments.

The developers didn’t reveal the changes they have made inside the anti-cheat system. It is being kept under wraps so that there is no way those people could find the origin and create new codes to bypass the security measure.

Valve might face a new issue right now with Counter Strike Global Offensive. The VAC system works only when a cheater login and starts using the program. Most of them are aware of the fact that the new mechanic is active and they could lose their account permanently. They wouldn’t risk using the codes right now.

Counter Strike

Developers didn’t comment as to how they plan to overcome the situation. While a lot of cheaters got banned with this new method, there are plenty of them out there who wouldn’t risk being found at all. Valve should come up with a completely new system to find those who have already cheated in previous matches or tighten up measures with the VAC. It might finally give genuine players a respite from annoying hackers who spoil the game for every gamer on board. We will bring you more updates as Valve makes changes to the anti-cheat system.

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