3 Amazing New Features Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 App Dashboard UI

Xbox One windows 10

For the first time in many years, the Xbox team is rolling out a brand new dashboard user interface for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

The design is still in its alpha stage but the first version has been rolled out to insiders.

The major overhaul changes the way the dashboard, the game bar and the overall navigation looks like. It is not only released for the Xbox One console but also for Windows 10 Xbox app. Specific features including Game Bar and Game Settings menu will be the only ones that get rolled out to the desktop version of the app.

Xbox One fluent design

Microsoft Fluent Design

A brand new concept introduced by Microsoft for the Xbox One console is the fluent design. It provides gamers complete control over the look and feel of the home screen. They can decide what should be displayed and what shouldn’t be whenever the console is switched on.

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You can easily stick a favorite game to the homescreen or a friend’s avatar so as to find it easily. Players can also select any icon and display it on the home screen. The blocks when combined together will provide a whole lot of information at a glance such as achievements, friends online, game shortcut and so on.

Easy Guide Navigation

The time it takes to switch between tabs had been significantly reduced with the new effortless guide navigation. A brand new layout has been meticulously developed by the team so that you could easily switch between them all, to make sure you don’t miss a moment ever. Contents like Home, recent, people, messages, broadcasts and an action center.

Xbox One guide

An Intuitive Game Bar

Game Bar has received a huge overhaul on the Windows 10 platform, confirmed the Xbox team. Game mode can either be activated or disabled using the new Game Bar UI. Players can also use it to stream their game audio over the web or choose to have system wide audio shared for those who do commentary while playing games. It is expected to offer a seamless experience on the Windows 10 platform.

The official blog confirmed that they have more such updates scheduled to be rolled out for the Xbox One console, Windows 10 devices to make gaming as intuitive as it could get. Along with the UI improvements, the team has also made communication easier and to find friends when you need them the most to share a gameplay video or join a multiplayer match.

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