3 Exciting New Features Coming to WhatsApp Android Soon


After going through weeks of beta testing, WhatsApp on Android is about to get much better with three amazing features that is sure to change the way people use the app.

The developers experimented a lot with additional features and the launch of live status messages didn’t go well with the audience. Most were disappointed with it as it resembled Facebook and a social media update is not what people wanted. The old status message is back but the steps to follow to access it could be a bit confusing for somehow. Keeping those old updates aside, these are the three things that you should look forward to in the upcoming WhatsApp Android update.

WhatsApp For Android

Battery Low Message

For those who are still unaware of this important point, WhatsApp web wouldn’t work unless your phone is connected to the network and is switched on. Many users rely on the app to send and receive official messages but they forgot this pivotal aspect which leads to problems when the app suddenly goes offline on your PC. A new phone battery low message will be displayed on your screen, requesting you to charge it so as to keep using the app and also the desktop version. It’s handy as an on screen notification would help find a charger and keep it online.

WhatsApp For Android New Status Interface

New Status Interface

Screenshots of the same have leaked online and developers have already tapped into the beta version of the codes to find that a new status interface is coming. In the particular window, users will be able to upload a photo or gif of their own or they can choose to open the camera app to take an instant picture which will be used as the current status message. It is a mix of live status and the original feature which was in place for many years since the application came into use.

WhatsApp For Android Live Location Sharing

Live Location Sharing

Obviously, an amazing feature that is going to trigger a lot of privacy issues. Live location sharing will make it easy for users to keep sharing their location. It is very useful to keep track of kids or people who are going on a lonely trip yet need to notify their loved ones that they are safe. The beta worked well and should soon be available for users worldwide. You can also choose to turn off location sharing and there should some more privacy features to make this usable without allowing stalkers to cling on to you.